Mariage de Salima et Julien


What is your ''style''?
I love “stolen photos”, spontaneous ones, those where people do not know they are being photographed. I try to be as discreet as possible for these precious moments.
I take photos of what is happening, and I will not lie to you: if nothing special happens, you will not get “special” photos. Try to make your day unique, with “details”, as the lights which create the atmosphere of your party. But the over everything, your guests are the ones who will make each moment “photo interesting”, It does not mean being clowns all day long!! But they have to be be implied in the most beautiful day of your life by a sincere involvement, friendly, sincerely, with good mood or contemplation, in  laughs or furtive tears.
Do you do traditional photos as groups photos?
Help me by preparing them in advance and having someone in charge to call people…

We can also prepare some staged photos for groups.

What information do you need?

Places, timings, transportation….

But also, contact details of your best friends and of any person involved in your wedding organization.

And if your camera fails?
I have 2 24×36 professionnel cameras, 4 lenses, and a third medium format camera with 2 lenses…
And if it rains
We will thumb our noses to the rain, and we will be able to make the trash the dress shoot the same day 🙂
And if you get ill?
I have direct agreements with close colleagues to be each other’s backup, and I am part of an international wedding photographers network that I can reach. If I cannot find anyone, you will get a full refund, even I know this is not satisfactory
Do you post-treat photos?
Yes! One by one.

It is half the work of a professional photographer

What software do you use?
Lightroom. Photoshop for the very rare cases where I need to take off something in the photo or to make “photos montage”
How many photos do you deliver?
It depends. It depends of your choice of “art photos”, “staged photos”, “groups”, etc. Il now I have never delivered less than 350 photos, and the maximum was 850 photos for a 2 days wedding.
What is the format of the photos?
jpg format. High Definition on a USB key for the couple.
Guests will also be able to download  high definition photos for free
What meal do you wish?
It is more than useless to get the same meal as your guest, because I will eat it cold most of the time.
Most catering companies offer very good cold meal trays. I will be able to have my meal without depending on the rythme of a wedding meal which not very compatible with photography.
But having a table alone or with other contractors is nearly a must, and if possible in the same room as the couple to avoid missing important moments.
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